our members
Charlene Anchor: Pottery [email]
Sandra Batzli: Painting [email]
Shoshanna Bauer: Watercolors [email]
Sally Bliss-Nolan: Photos & drawings [email] [web site]
Kimberly Blum: Jewelry & home accessories [email] [web site]
Marilyn Boddy: Water Color [email]
Hugh Bridgeford: Pottery [email] [web site]
Jill Bush: Jewelry [email] [web site]
Mark David: Photography [email] [web site]
Beverly Fagan: Jewelry [email] [facebook]
Deborah Fell: Fiber Arts [email] [web site]
Nancy Fermanian: Jewelry [email]
Tim & Pam Frye: Pottery [email]
Susan Garner: Pottery [email]
Bill Heyduck: Stoneware [email]
Bobbie Johnston: Weaving [email] [facebook]
Lisa Kesler: Painting & mixed media [email]
Roger Kirkwood: Pottery / Sculpture [email]
Cydne LaBonte: Jewelry [email]
Chris Main: Landscape Photography [email] [web site]
Dawn Manire: Hand-Crafted Stained Glass [email]
Nancy McClellan-Hickey: Mosaics / Glass Jewelry [email]
Cammie Meerdink: Ceramics [email] [web site]
Georgia Morgan: Jewelry [email] [web site]
Debbie Nivens: Ceramics [email]
Susan Northrup: Jewelry [email] [web site]
Cynthia Pringle: Photography [email] [web site]
Sharon Rapp: Weaving [email]
Karen Reed: Ceramics [email]
Dot Replinger: Weaving [email]
Nancy L. Shoop: Pottery [email]
Tanya Shur: Ceramics [web site]
Rebecca J. Simon: Fiber / Knitting / Spinning [email]
Larry Steinbauer: Water Color / Mixed Media [email]
Charles Sweitzer: Wood [email] [web site]
John Sweitzer: Woodworking [email] [web site]
Mary Tangora: Jewelry / Ornaments / Windchimes [email]
Billie Theide: Jewelry [email]
Poppy Vincent: Jewelry [email] [web site]
Rimas Visgirda: Ceramics [email]
Gail Warner: Jewelry & home accessories [email] [web site]
Julie Watkins: Beaded Jewelry / Calligraphy [email]
Rosalind Faiman Weinberg: Painting / Drawing / Printmaking [email] [web site]
Jamie Willis: Fiber [email]
Charles Wisseman: Metal [email]
Jacqueline Worden: Pottery [email]
The Craft League of Champaign-Urbana